syllabi & Other Links Folk dance syllabi are currently available in many locations on the web.
For the sake of convenience, accuracy, and giving proper credit to the authors
I have currently opted to simply include links to good sources for music
and syllabi as listed below.

Folkdance Syllabi Links

downloadable Music and videos
Folk Dance Notes
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California Federation list

California Federation Dance Notes Online

Folk dance MP3 Files and Notes

Andy Bettis Dance Notes

Dance Notes from Cornell

Evansville Folkdancers

Other Notes

Tom Deering's Notes

Greek Dances

New Zealand List

Brief Notes on Dances

Susquehanna Page with Notes

New Andrew Carnie's Balkan Folk Dance Notes

Other Andrew Carnie Pages
West European
English & Welch
Scottish & Irish
American & Austrailian

Irish & Scottish Dance Descriptions
Irish & Scottish Dances
Ceili Dances

Other Dance Descriptions
Scandanavian Dance Descriptions
Greek Dance Descriptions
Austrailian Aborigine Dance Description
French-Canadian Descriptions in French

Folkdance music and Video Links

downloadable videos of folk dances
Over 2000 free downloadable mp3 folk dances
a wonderful site in Israel
Some Real Player folk dances
James Madison University
Balkan, Greek and West Asian Mp3
Greek folk dance at the University of Edinburgh
Modern Israeli dance videos

Other Interesting Folkdance Links

MIT Songbook
Historical Dances
Yves Moreau
Atlantic Links
Dayton Links
Dayton Links
Buffalo Gap Camp
Folk Dance and Music LInk

Andy Pollock's Folk Dance Page

Folk Dance LInk

Cornell International Folk Dancers

Mary Zeleta's Folk Dance Class Page

Dmoz's Folk Dance LInk

Knowledge Hound's Folk Dance LInk

Folk Dance LInk<

Folk Dance LInk

Folk Dance LInk

IFDO Folk Dance LInk